Sarkany, a magnificent 3 headed beast that roamed the dense forests of Hungary in times long since past. Legend says that if one was to stumble upon this dragon like creature and gaze into its right eye, you would see the reflection of your true self. Draw closer, truth seekers. Closer.



the sisters

The inseparable sisters . Many have tried to divide, detach and isolate them from one another, but their spirit holds out against the face of adversity. Man's stubborn hankering bears only failed attempt after failed attempt. The sisters feral nature and unchanged core makes their bond unbreakable. 



She is the moon that reflects on the tranquil lake, mirroring grand redwoods. The silver shimmer at twilight that brings with it a silent spree.  Beyond her lines lies the infinite expanse of space and time. 




Furō brings the constant chaos of nature's twists and turns, sprouting this way and that through an ever winding path. One could very easily go out of one's mind, striving to tame the untameable. It's only when we let nature run its course that order materializes.    


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