Making things begins with
taking things apart.

You’d never believe how many pieces are inside one of those old style telephones. It fascinates me. 

The first thing I can remember making was a scrap wood platform in the shape of an airplane that I could sit on and pretend to fly. I made that at 6 yrs old, though I could barely pound a nail. But I wanted to fly.

'These days I’m compelled to create, not only to honor
beauty but also simplicity'


a slice of 'PI'

There are certain shapes I am forced to create, to create an object of purpose. Within those shapes, the use of mathematics in search for harmony and resonance is really a quest for a deeper understanding of the symbiosis of nature. The part of me that is a mathematician gravitates towards geometry. I tend to see most things as geometry. From the laws governing an atom, to the laws governing the universe, that is where the essence lies. I come back to Pi and Phi over and over again. Plus the base 60 number system of rotation and time. Those three are always near the root of what I’m playing with.